Björn Bredström

Geboren 1944, gestorben 2015

Ausbildung: Hovedskous Malschule, Göteborg

Vertreten (Auswahl): Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Borås Art Museum, etc.

Lebte in Od und Borås

Björn Bredström (1944 – 2014) lived and worked in Borås, Sweden. Mainly an aquarelle painter and printmaker, mostly occupied with the landscapes in different seasons. He occasionally worked as guest teacher at the Art Academies in Oslo and Reykjavik, was frequently asked to be a member of different juries (for example the Tallin print triennal) and was also an editor of the Swedish Printmaking magazine. Björn exhibited widely both in Sweden and abroad, twice at Gallery Müllers and the latest memory/solo exhibition was in Vilnius, Lithuania in spring 2016.

His work is represented, among others, at the National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden.

Björn Bredström, Halland, 2007, Akvarell, 40 x 62 cm
Björn Bredström, Nature morte, Watercolor, 48 x 54 cm
Björn Bredström, Grey Winter, 21 x 26 cm
Björn Bredström, Regn vid Sandsken, Akvarell, 53 x 73 cm (Foto: Clemens C Franke)
Björn Bredström, Regn vid Sandsken, Akvarell, 53 x 73 cm (Foto: C. Franke)
Björn Bredström, Hallandsvinter
Björn Bredström, Hallandsvinter, Akvarell, 53 x 70 cm (Foto: Clemens C Franke)